August Diaries: Testimonies of victims killed by the Indian Occupying Forces during catch and kill operation

August Diaries – 1993 is the collection of testimonies of the unarmed Kashmiris who were brutally massacred by the Indian occupying forces under the pretext of Catch & Kill Military Operation. The study has also identified the perpetrators of war crime such as their units and ranks in the army and paramilitary force. Besides, the study is an eye opener for the world community and to the judicial institutions that there is an absolute impunity in IIOJK to 800,000 Armed forces to perpetrate atrocity crimes.

LFK has been archiving various investigative reports that have donned invisibility. Our aim is to bring such work into the public domain. This report on the August Diaries – 1993 is an attempt to disseminate the defiant work carried out by Institute of Kashmir Studies – IKS, Srinagar

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