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LFK Bi-Annual Review on Human Rights Situation in IOJK, Jan-June 2023

Download report The first six months of 2023 January-June saw a new trend of state repression and counterinsurgency operations in the war-trampled region of IOJK. On the ground, the violations of International Human Rights law (IHRL) and International Humanitarian law (IHL) led to appalling human tragedies. International response against these ‘Atrocity Crimes’ was inconsistent, as well as other patterns…


Kashmir Back at UN Security Council Table

It was 1st January,1948, when India took the question of Kashmir to the United Nation by instituting a formal complaint against Pakistan in the Security Council. The Indian and Pakistani delegates traded charges against each other in the council. To begin with, Government of India alleged that the invaders from Pakistan have reached to Kashmir and…