Crush them now: India’s systematic violence in Occupied Kashmir

For over three decades, the region of Indian Occupied Kashmir has been a crucible of Armed conflict and suffering, marked by violence, oppression, and persistent turmoil. The report Published by the Institute of Kashmir Studies (IKS) for the period of April to September 1997 serves as a stark reminder of the harsh realities faced by the Kashmiri populace during that era, highlighting the enduring and tragic narrative that continues to unfold.

Since the eruption of armed resistance in 1989, the people of Kashmir have been trapped in an unending cycle of hardship and despair. The Indian Occupying Forces have instilled a climate of fear among civilians, perpetrating severe human rights violations including extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detentions, torture, indiscriminate violence, and mass sexual assaults.

The report underscores the persistent struggle of the Kashmiri people to exercise their UN-sanctioned right to self-determination. The unresolved Kashmir conflict continues to exact a heavy toll on human lives and dignity, with the Indian Occupyıng Forces acting with impunity and evading accountability.

Regrettably, the passage of time has not brought relief to the beleaguered inhabitants of Kashmir instead, the situation has worsened, with each passing year witnessing heightened levels of suffering and devastation. The ongoing military occupation and continuous crimes against humanity in Kashmir have further compounded the plight of its people. Indian authorities have intensified their efforts to subjugate the Kashmiri population, resorting to wanton destruction of property, arbitrary land confiscations, and depletion of resources, thereby undermining the Kashmiri people’s identity and their right to determine their political future.

The publication of this report assumes renewed significance as it illuminates the plight of the Kashmiri people, underscoring the critical necessity for international awareness and accountability. It is crucial for the younger generation to recognize the injustices of the past and comprehend the enduring impact of oppression that shapes the Kashmiri resistance movement.

Legal Forum of Kashmir has been diligently archiving investigative reports that have often been overlooked or marginalized, ensuring that the global community remains informed about the ongoing human rights violations and the unwavering quest for self-determination by the Kashmiri people

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