The Profiles of the people killed in 2016 by the Indian Occupying Forces. (based on Family Testimonies)

This report is aimed to play an important role in keeping alive the memory of loss and resistance that is being erased systematically from the public domain in Kashmir. As Milan Kundera says, “the struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetfulness”. Our existence is our resistance. For the family members of the killed narrating their stories of sufferings and struggle are a tool to reach out to people. These stories are crucial to expose violence that we have suffered. In several ways it is also a struggle over the methods of finding the truth. The Indian state not only attempts to eliminate the body of the victim but also eliminates any traces of its violence. The body that ideally should be under the protection of law is made invisible and consequently the perpetrators of such crimes continue to remain unaccountable. As a repository of individual stories of loss and grief, this report is an attempt in creating a collective biography of struggle of the people who were killed to suppress their political rights. This report is an act of remembering, commemorating, and grieving over the loss of loved ones at the hands of the Indian state.

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