Online Webinar; Is Occupied Kashmir, India’s West Bank?

Legal forum for oppressed of Kashmir (LFOVK) on Thursday held a maiden webinar on disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir and it’s international contours.

The webinar titled “Occupied Kashmir; India’s West Bank” drew a handsome participation from across countries and almost 50 people joined the discussion.

Participants included, as a special guest, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Turkey, Ambassador Mr Mohammad Sajad Syrus Qazi, Dr Farhan Mujahid Chek Professor Politics and IR University of Qatar, Dr.Susic Seju from Bosnia currently Professor Human rights Law, Islamic international university Islamabad and other renowned journalists from Turkey and Occupied Kashmir. 

Moderating the session director LFOVK Adv. Nasir Qadri briefed the participants about the recent developments in the region.

The participants highlighted the dynamics of the conflict and how it has changed its nature post August 5, 2019, when occupying India announced it’s so called annexation of the disputed region.

It was also highlighted by the speakers that the Kashmir conflict has been reinvented and again caught the eye of global community now.

It was unanimously agreed that the vital movement needs to be grabbed and exploited to it’s fullest.

The exterior factors always play a vital part in the resolution, revitalization of the conflict and since the LFOVK is a legal body, it should raise the bar of the conflict in legal framework.

Right to self determination is a legal right by which the people of the occupied territory will chose their political future as said in UN resolutions, needs to be pitched in global forums.

The world has an acceptability of humanitarian understanding of the conflict, that angle needs to be furthered.
Since the body of work and stories from the conflict are already in public domain, they need a ‘representaion’ in a form understood by the world.

The webinar ended on a positive note and participants asked organisers to hold more such sessions so that awareness is created over different legal angles and similarities with the other conflict.

Legal forum for oppressed of Kashmir (LFOVK)is a non-violent and legal organization. Its members are indigenous people of Indian occupied Kashmir. The aim of the organization is to defend the political, social and human rights of Kashmiris and to promote the UN sanctioned right of self-determination. LFOVK works to address the consequences of marginalization, working with its members to promote their democratic rights, to provide information and to articulate creative and nonviolent strategies for resolving conflict.

Others who took part in the maiden webinar included Advocate Rafia Sailani Phd Candidate IIU, Advocate Maryam Umar of Intitute of policy studies, Advocate Laiba Amjad , Advocate Bakth Fatima, Nayeem Research scholar IR, Zeeshan Reseacher scholar NUML , Muhammad Umar  and Zain ul abideen
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