LFOVK’S Work Post 5th August

A year of constitutional fraud and unlawful annexation of the Article 370 and 35A has stripped the region of its special autonomous status and permanent residence along with the application of discriminatory laws such as J&K Reorganisation Order 2020, further dividing the region into two ‘union territories’. The new Indian Domicile Laws are designed to bring demographic change into J&K. State of India pursuant to 5th August 2019’s unlawful Unilateral Annexation is under a military occupation, without any legal justification for the prolonged occupation. The Kashmir siege goes well beyond blockade of the entry and exit points, and it is not in compliance with the International Humanitarian Law. There is use of lethal weapons and cluster bombing; sexual violence against women, destruction of civilian property, illegal demographic change and delimitation. The situation has worsened due to Covid-19 pandemic, leaving Kashmiris to live in a ‘double lockdown’.

Furthermore, India is in violations of human rights under the ICCPR and ICESCR, from rights of religious freedom, education, economic trade barriers, torture, curfews and arbitrary detention under the Public Safety Act (PSA).

Our work  Post 5th August include:

A) Reports:

  • Exceptional Democracy & Exceptional Democracy II (2019)

The report highlights the ongoing brutality perpetrated by Indian armed forces on unarmed Kashmiri civilians who are showing dissent against the illegal annexation made by India’s right wing political party and other who are part of this despotic power corridor.

  • Kashmir: A Case of Prolonged Occupation (2020)

The paper analyzes the legal framework pursuant to prolonged occupation and recent illegal annexation by India in occupied J&K territory.

  • Kashmir Statehood Abrogated (2020)

This report was designed as a fact-finding memorandum based on the period between 5th August 2019-2020, to document violations of International law.

B) Written Articles:

‘World’s response to Kashmir Conflict in post 5th August Scenario and Peace in South Asia’ 

‘Covid-19; A new tool of repression for Political Prisoners in Indian Occupied Kashmir’ 

‘Civilian property in IOK and International Humanitarian Law’ 

C) Webinars:

i) ‘Online Webinar; Is Occupied Kashmir, India’s West Bank?’

Special Guest Pakistan’s High Comissioner to Turkey, Ambassador Mr Mohammad Sajad Syrus Qazi, Dr Farhan Mujahid Chak Professor Politics and IR University of Qatar, Dr.Susic Seju from Bosnia currently Professor Human rights Law, Islamic international university Islamabad and other renowned journalists from Turkey and Occupied Kashmir.

D) Blogs:

‘Kashmiris a victim of Nehru –Mountbatten conspiracy’ by Justice R Ali Nawaz Chowhan

‘Defiant Geelani; 11 Years of relentless siege’ 

‘Legal fraternity of Pakistan condemns illegal detention of Kashmiri Lawyers’ 

‘What prevents India from ratifying Convention against India (CAT)? 

‘Kashmir Back at UN Security Council Table’

E) Events:

  • Women in Kashmir: Tales of Struggle and Survival.

The chief guests was Dr. Nausheen Hamid; Pakistani politician, Dr.Sadia Niazi; lecturer NUML and Sadia Kamal

  • Plight of political prisoners in Kashmir,

Chief Guest Miss Farzana Yaqoob former minister AJK

  • Juristic session on the story of lawlessness of legal and political institutions.

Chief guests were Former Chief Justice of Gambia; Justice (R)) Ali Nawaz Chowhan, Former Chief Justice of AJK; Justice Syed Manzoor Hussain Gilani and Ex Attorney General of Pakistan

  • National Moot court competition 2020; A case pertaining to Kashmir dispute.

18 teams from different provinces of Pakistan participated in first ever Moot Court Competition on Kashmir dispute

  • Art Competition on Resistance of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

31 participants from differents collages/ schools and universities participated in Art competition on Resistance of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

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