India’s Impunity in Kashmir: Surveillance,
Counter Insurgency & Politics of Fear

The government of India has employed different forms and strategies of counter-insurgency operations in Kashmir. Besides the usage of the strategy of containment, the use of draconian laws, disproportionate use of force, extra-judicial and custodial killings, rapes, and torture have been the key features of these operations, this modus operandi has been aided by modern means of the cyber warfare which includes communication blockade aided by internet shutdowns (as psychological warfare). However, these measures employed to curtail the insurgency and political dissent with large social costs have failed to resolve the fundamental political issues. These employed oppressive counterinsurgency measures by the Indian state are in clear violation of basic Human rights as well as international law.


As Indian state continues to mimic Israeli strategies and sometimes even surpassing it, we at LFK –Legal Forum for Kashmir have tried to document some of the contemporary strategies. This report is a result of the collaborative work of researchers from Indian-Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine. The report has been enriched with important insights from lived experiences of Palestinian researchers. Researchers from Palestine have contributed immensely from developing a framework of research to drafting this report. This report is also a summation of everyday life of Kashmiris under Indian military occupation.

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