Dark Days Deadly Nights – December 1994

The situation in Kashmir has been marked by a disturbing pattern of human rights violations and ‘Atrocity crimes’ over the past three decades. This includes extrajudicial executions, destruction of civilian properties, molestation, rape, arson, and heinous acts like burning individuals alive. The torture of youth in interrogation cells and mass massacres of civilians have continued relentlessly, with no signs of abating. India’s failure to fulfill promises to Kashmiris and its disregard for UNSC Resolutions on Jammu & Kashmir have been key factors leading to the escalation of peaceful protests into armed resistance.

This report, based on testimonies from December 1994, highlights a concerning trend of impunity for Indian occupying forces in perpetrating atrocities against the Kashmiri civilian population. The month witnessed 33 extrajudicial and custodial executions, including 16 innocent civilians and one government employee. Daily occurrences suggest a reign of terror, characterized by an increase in custodial killings, arbitrary arrests, humiliation, and torture of government employees.

Journalists’ offices and residences were raided, with their professional equipment and facsimile apparatus seized. Cordon and search operations, as well as crackdowns, became a daily routine, subjecting Kashmiris to humiliating identification parades.

The documented alarming trend necessitates immediate criminal accountability against the identified perpetrators and units from the Indian occupying forces in Kashmir. This accountability is imperative to uphold human rights and ensure justice in the region.”

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